Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yeah! It's ornament Thursday! I love ornament Thursday.

I am really happy the way this ornament turned out. I bought some 2" wooden wheels at the craft store, got out my markers, beads, and nails and went to work. The first thing I did was pre-drill eight holes for the nails. I tried just hammering in the nails but these wood wheels were really dense, it might work on another type of wood but not for me on these. Okay, next I drew circles with markers, pretty easy right? Then I dug around and found some 2 inch finishing nails, they are nice because finishing nails are pretty skinny allowing most beads to slide on. I did put a dab of glue on the end of each nail before sliding it into the whole. I figure I am going to have this ornament for a long time and so I should make it sturdy. Last to make it a hanging ornament, I wrapped a piece of silver wire around the top of one of the nails and then made a hook on the other end. I want to make more. I think these would be too cute hung all together on a garland across the mantle.

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Before I end my post today, I want to show you another project I have been working on. It's my Etsy store. I have wanted to get one of these up and running for awhile and I finally did it this week. I have some finished jewelry and one of a kind beads. These are things you won't find on my regular website. All of these pieces are in stock and ready to ship for all of you last minute shoppers.


  1. I love all the colors. This is fantastic!

  2. Awesome ornament, Jennifer! It makes me happy just looking at it!

  3. This is so cheery and bright. I love it!

  4.'s pretty! It's an incredible ornament!

  5. Thanks everyone! I am so into folk art these days, I think that's where the idea came from. For those of you who don't know, we moved to Georgia a year ago from Wisconsin. Folk art is big here, I have added so many pieces to my collection. It's right up my alley with all of the bright colors and whimsy. Next weeks ornament is a challenge to myself, I am trying to make life like cookies in clay. Why you ask? I have no idea!

  6. Jennifer

    I love this idea! So fabulous and the colors are so cheerful just like Katie said.

    Thanks for another great addition to our ornament round robin.


  7. What a cute ornament! The rainbow of colors is grand! :)

  8. So bright and cute and festive! It reminds me of a pinata.

  9. It WOULD be great for a mantel garland. Are you missing our lovely Wisconsin weather, Miss Jennifer?? (three words for you: Tuesday Snow Day!, but SO MUCH shoveling this week!)

  10. Linda,
    Yes, I actually miss the Wisconsin weather. My husband thinks I'm crazy, it's been 80 degrees here all week. It's hard to make ornaments and get into Christmas when it's this warm. I will appreciate the warm weather in a few weeks when the holidays are over and I am ready for spring. Thanks for taking a look at my blog.

  11. Jennifer,

    This ornament is great! I love the bright colors, and now I've got a craving for some candy!

  12. That's awesome, girl!

    I am loving Ornament Thursday, too!

    Let's keep it going after Christmas!

  13. This is ADORABLE! The shape of it is sort of nautical. I'm looking FW to seeing your yummy ornaments for next week! :-) Hali

  14. Great ornament Jennifer! It looks like it it came right out of Babes in Toyland, I love it!

  15. I love your ornament! I'm glad to see your new items in your Etsy store. They're beautiful too!


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