Friday, March 29, 2019

Bunny Ears for you Pets Sewing Pattern

Lol! She's miserable.... but it's so much fun to see her in bunny ears.

This project came about because I received an email from Mary asking if I had a sewing pattern for bunny ears for her cat. I didn't but the more I thought about her idea, the more I wanted to make some ears for Ruby.

Here's Otis, he slept through the photo shoot. I'm not sure if he knows he has them on.

You'll find the printable pattern pieces below. Here are the instructions for making the ears. If you want to more projects like this, sign up here and they'll be delivered to your inbox.


1. Arrange the front of the ear onto the back ear with the interfacing sandwiched between. The bottom edges should be aligned and the sides centered. Top stitch around the outer edge of the inner ear. 

2. Repeat step 1. For the second ear.

3. Measure and cut a piece of elastic for the headband. Ruby”s elastic is xx for reference.

4. Layer the two felt ovals and place an end of the elastic in between on each side. (See photo above)

5. Secure with pins and top stitch around outside.

6. Next, we will be hand stitching the ears to the top of the headband. I found using a slip stitch all the way around helped secure the ears. You can tack the ears together at the bottom if they need extra support.

I’m guessing the biggest challenge of this project is getting your pet to sit still with ears on for a photo! If you make some ears please tag me on Instagram @jenniferjangles or post it on the Jennifer Jangles Facebook page. I would love to see all the bunny’s.

Sea Turtle Softie is wearing them here.

Click here for the printable pattern

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