Friday, April 3, 2015

Globe Softie

Hey Hey,  Over at the Sew Mama Sew Blog they are having a contest called Six Weeks of Softies. It came with perfect timing because I have been trying out some new pattern ideas and this contest gave me the creative stretch I was needing. I'll admit I have a very practical side and it's hard for me to make things that are not really of use. Weird right? But I am doing my best to work on that and just sew for sewing's sake. 

I asked Nik and the boys what I should sew.... Nik being a Geography Professor said a world, I took it a step further and decided that a globe would be a fun challenge. I will warn you there are loads of pictures ahead....

I got a lot of jokes about my continents from the boys, who have both turned out to be geography geeks. C'mon it's fabric! I did the map in my style, not as exact as some folks in my family would have liked. :)

Plus I love a challenge, I work better when there is a challenge involved. After sewing for this one, I think I will be looking for more, it was super fun.

Wondering how I got it to stand up? I had one of these button racks left from when I sold my buttons to stores. I bent all of the hooks inward to make it smaller on top. Then I was able to slide it in to the world and stuff around it. Once it was inside and all set I bent the main post over a bit to get the right tilt. It does still turn, that was a nice surprise!

Thanks for hanging in there on this super long post! I sewed up a few other projects for the challenge, they are coming to the blog over the next few days.

Have a great day!

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  1. Your globe is amazing! I would make one for my grandson.

  2. What an absolutley brilliant idea. I love how your globe has turned out, it would be the perfect addition to any little persons room. I could also see me making one for my sewing room. I love to take part in swaps and I can't help but thinking that one of these globes would be the perfect way to record the locations of all the different swap partners I have swapped with.

    1. Paula, that's a great idea to keep track of swap partners.

  3. This is super creative and cute! Came over from the softie contest. Nice job!

  4. That is sooooo cool!!!!! Love it!


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