Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oversized Coasters Pattern

Here's a great gift for just about anyone. Make them to match their decor or in a fun print of something they like. These coasters are six inches wide, that way they can hold the biggest of mugs and still show off a little fabric while being used.

Supplies for 6" coasters:
4 fabrics each 8" x 16"
1/4 yard for binding
1/4 yard batting
coordinating thread

1. Begin by finding a circle the size you would like your coasters to be to use as a pattern. I used a spool of ribbon to trace that was six inches in diameter. The measurements are based on this size circle for a finished coaster but they can be easily adjusted to fit your needs.

2. Cut 16 4" x 4" squares to use for the coaster fronts.

3. Sew two together, do this 7 more times so you have 8 sets.

4. Now sew the sets of two together, lining up the seams in the center to make the four coaster fronts. Press flat.

5. Using a fabric marker, transfer pen, or pencil trace you circle onto the patchwork piece. The marking will be hidden by the binding so don't worry too much about them showing.

6. Make a quilt sandwich with the patchwork on top, then batting, and then the backing. Start in the center and quilt in a spiral out to the circle. (I found it helpful to have the circle drawn on for this part to use as a stitching guide.)

7. Trim around the drawn circle.

8. Using 2.5" binding, sew it on around the outer edge of the coaster. Clip around the outer edge of the circle and the raw edge of the binding, this will help your coasters lie flat. Finish by hand stitching the binding.

Helpful tips with circle and binding: Binding a round abject can be a bit trickier than a straight edged piece. If it really scares you, you could always make square coasters. If you're up for the challenge(I promise it's not that hard), then here's what I found to be helpful.... First don't pull the binding to tight when sewing it on. If you aren't using stripes like mine that you want to go a certain way, then cut your binding on the bias, it will stretch better. Clipping the quilt sandwich around the edges helps a lot. When I pressed the coasters before hand stitching the binding on, I gave them a good spray of starch. This helped tremendously.

Have fun!

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  1. Thanks for giving me an idea for 2015. I like to get started early.

  2. Your coasters are lovely. I've just added them to my list. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for the coasters. Great idea! These will make perfect Christmas gifts this year! Saved to my favorites list and ready to sew. Thanks again! Love all your ideas!

  4. Dang. This makes me wish I knew how to sew! I would totally buy those for gifts and for myself, just don't have the means to make them. Beautiful as ever, Miss Jen! Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Everything you create Jennifer is beautiful and fun! I am making these today.

  6. These are beautiful! ! Can they be saved to Pinterest? I would love to be able to save this to make later.

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