Friday, September 7, 2012



How is everyone? This week just disappeared from me. I guess that's because Monday was a holiday and now it's September....crazy, just crazy.

So here's what's on tap for September...

I am working behind the scenes getting all of me ten Holiday Projects ready to go. I've got all sorts of crafting, beading, and sewing projects to get ready. I'm working on some new features this year to make it a bit snazzier. You know it's my fifth year and all.

Got two new sewing patterns in the works, getting close to needing them tested. Anyone out there want to be a tester? Of course I'm running on a tight deadline so I need some folks who can do it real soon.

I'm moving out of my studio. The other night, I went over and moved the glazing tables out. That was the last task I have been doing there. I got kind of sad because it's starting to be empty like when I moved in. I remember being so excited and thinking of all it's possibilities.

Quilt Market booth designing. I ordered something on Ebay this week for display. I am going to finish cleaning out my studio and build my booth there. I have lot's of painting, building, and sewing for this one.

Last to list but my first thing to finish is Halloween! I am glazing up the end of some new stuff today. You'll be seeing it pop up next week.

Stay tuned lot's to come in the next month.

Happy September!

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  1. If you can put up with me, I'm always happy to help test a pattern!

    1. Hi Debora!

      I would love you to test a pattern! I am hoping to have everything together by Friday. I will e-mail you before then and we'll figure something out.

      Thanks a bunch!

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  3. i like a lot your creations, Jennifer :)
    regards, Anca.


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