Friday, September 28, 2012

5 Days!

Don't forget to enter! Only five days left...

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  1. Put a reminder on my blog with a link! This is a great giveaway!

    Cheery wave!

  2. Jennifer,
    I'm not figuring out how to comment on your blog for the giveaway :(

    I'm absolutely a FAN of have in-credit-able your style of "art"...such a talent, you must be very proud...I want to Thank you for Sharing it with us all :) Otis and Rhubarb could be my very Best Friends, they are absolutely adorable, and fun :)---All your projects are so cute and what an inspiration to us...they put a 'big' grin :) on my face everytime...
    Continue to make us all "grin"

  3. I am a new follower and am really loving what I see! You are a very creative person :) Very bright happy creations. Thanks for sharing!


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