Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fabric Ceiling

Still working on the studios. The ceiling in the design studio doesn't exist. The previous owners of the house left us all of the parts to do a hung ceiling. The problem is that there are pipes that hang lower in some places than others. If we did put in a ceiling it would end up being pretty low. Neither of us wanted that since the room is already small. I decided I would try a fabric ceiling, why not, there was nothing to loose. And it turns out, I am pretty happy with the results.

In my theme to re-use. These are the walls of my quilt market booth from last month. I started with these and stapled them on each side of the wall to cover things.

Once all the white curtains had been stapled up I went back in with fun fabrics I already had. I had some sari-like fabric, some madras, and some glittery tulle. I used the staple gun to attach the fabric to each side.
I just kept attaching strips until all of the ceiling was covered. There is a light fixture in the middle of the room. I cut a hole in the fabric where it was. Then I got one of those ceiling fan medallions to bolt into the rafters. This would keep all of the fabric a safe distance from the bulb.

While I was at the hardware store I found a screw in socket that can take two bulbs so I doubled my light for about 2.00!

I also added some flags to the ceiling for fun.

See you soon,
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  1. What a great idea for a creative environment.....I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. My dear ~ I think you should be on Craft Wars!

  3. Very creative. After seeing your ceiling fabric today, I remembered how we replaced the drywall ceiling in our shower room. We used strips of cedar wood, which warms it up. That is something you can do when you get tired of the fabric. Terry

  4. Hello
    I'm glad to share this post, it's very useful. Fortunate me, I discovered your web site accidentally.

  5. Hi Jennifer, I seemed to have missed the opportunity to come to your open studio in Watkinsville. I did peek in the window. Is there any day you plan to be there in the next little bit that I could come by? I heard ( and see here ) you are moving your studio home.
    I am glad that Wild Woman has your fabric , I have a need for a border fabric . Hope to see you in July some time.

  6. thank you. im needing to do this and i wanted to see if anyone else had tried before. it really helped to see how it would come out. thanks again!


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