Friday, February 10, 2012

Tussie Mussie is Coming

 Hello, Hello,

Any day now Tussie Mussie will be arriving to stores. I can't wait! I always get a few sample yards of each fabric before and have been sewing up samples. I am getting closer to having them finished up, I just need buttons. Know where I can get some? Hee hee, seriously, I had to make some for what I needed and they are in the kiln. I have been so busy filling bead and button orders that I just haven't had time to make extra stock.

I want to get my pattern samples made up so I can sew a quilt for myself. I can't settle on a design though. I'll keep thinking while I am sewing my other things.
Here a picture of my sad, sad fabric shelves in the gallery. I hardly have anything left. I promise to let you know as soon as it arrives to my shelves as well.

Thank you for everyone who made my Etsy Clearance sale a success! I cleared a lot, now I am working to clear some things out of my store. I also want to clear out some of my display pieces, I am still figuring out how to go about that one. But I have a entire room full of display trays, busts, shelves, you name it. It's a bit ridiculous, especially if you think about how much is already in my store that's being used. Would you put those kinds of things on Ebay? Anyone have any ideas?

Have a Happy Friday!

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  1. Hey Jennifer!
    I think the display pieces would sell well on Etsy or Ebay. I sold some on Ebay a few years ago and they went fast. Let me know if you post them....I am always looking for small displays, etc. so that I have them for the store I want to open in two years (after my husband gets out of the Army). Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Thanks abunch! I sold a few things on Etsy a long long time ago, hope I can figure it out easily. Cleaning out the excess stuff is going to take some time, but I will let you know when it finally happens. Thanks for the help

  3. That is a beautiful fabric collection again. I'm excited to visit my local store and get a few pieces for my quilting stash.


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