Monday, November 8, 2010

Houston Quilt Market 2010

Hey, Hey, I am back! Whew, I really got back Wednesday, but I had to take a few days to rest and fight off a cold. I am rested and almost organized again. I was really excited to come to work today, and it's Monday. Anywho, Quilt Market was fantastic and I wanted to show and tell you all about it.....
My mom and I drove to Houston, it was about a 13 hour drive from Athens, GA to Houston, TX. I could not ship all of the things I needed to Texas without it costing a small fortune. We got to drive through parts of the country where I have never been. I have been to New Orleans and Houston before but always via airplane, with driving you get to see so much more. Here we are driving through a bayou, how cool is that?

We took a five mile detour and had dinner in Biloxi. Ah, shrimp boats... you know I would be a shrimper if I weren't an artist. Kind of weird because I am a vegetarian. I just really like boats and water. I have a shrimp boat Christmas ornament on my tree every year. Okay back to quilt market because in reality I'm an artist, which isn't to bad of a gig either!

Here's a shot from an upstairs window of the convention center. You can't even see my booth from here, this show is gigantic!

Here is my booth, all finished. Love the red carpet...not. I was pretty happy with the display. The hard walls were a pain in the rear. I think they will now be turned into studio tables. Next time I will figure something else out.

Here are a few closeups, I swear I took more but I am not finding them. I wanted to show you some super cool pillows I made, but I guess I will have to re-photograph them.

A play village made with my Home Sweet Home Pattern. Which by the way, my patterns were a big hit. Thanks to everyone who ordered them. They are shipping today!

My little ottoman, this is the piece that sent me to the doctor. Remember the screw driver in my hand incidence? This is what caused it. But it's cute, right?

My super nice neighbors Izzy and Ivy patterns.

My mom being so kind and sharing her coffee with Mark Lipinski.

Jennifer Jangles buttons at the E.E.Schenck booth. Don't you just love that little tree that Voni made?

Here's a shot with me and Sara and Mary from the Intown Quilters shop. They are in Decatur Georgia, so they are not to far from me. If you ever get a chance to go to their shop, take it. It's so bright and fun but as a warning, bring lots of money. I always want everything there.

Here's a cute quilt by Karie Patch Designs. Check out the flip flops, they have my buttons on them!

I got to spend a lot of time with the folks at In The Beginning Fabrics, our booths were across from each other. We always do a lot of phone talking, e-mailing , and faxing, but it was so much fun to spend three days together in person. Here is Paula modeling the bag she made with my fabric. Everyone wanted to that one home. Below is a Happy quilt that hung in their booth.

All in all the show was a great success. It was so exhausting and I can't believe there is another one in six months. I am hoping I have recovered by then.

Missed you guys!


  1. AKKKK..i can't believe i missed that you were in houston this weekend..i would have loved to meet you and see your lovely booth.
    your set up is charming..
    looks like you had fun with your mom.

  2. So glad you are home safe and sound. Looks like you had a huge success. What a wonderful booth you created. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Hugs, Diane

  3. I COMPLETELY forgot that you were going to be at the Quilt Show...Our weekend was SO busy that we couldn't get down there...But, if I'd remembered, I'm sure we could have squeezed in a visit yesterday...

    Maybe we'll catch you the next time you're in town!!

  4. How delightful! Thank you for sharing this wonderful event with us. I love that your book just screams happy. And you are so bright and cheery as ever. I am not surprised that your patterns are a hit. They are whimsical and fun. Just like you ;-)

    Enjoy the day!

  5. Holy Cow Jen! It makes me tired just reading this blog post and thinking about how long those shows (and driving) can be. All of your stuff looks fantastic! You do a great job pulling all your stuff together and organizing… It shows that you really love what you do through all your attention to detail…

    Keep it up!

  6. hi jennifer

    please tell me
    did you sell the necklace with the flower on your stand?

    i have been looking at your shop for ages but i'm not artistic so am still thinking.. ahh that set is so cute but what can i do with it.. and.. drat, wish i could do something with that fab set...


  7. Carol,

    I think I have the flower necklace. I will be adding new work to my JanglesEmporium Etsy shop all week.If I have it I will make sure it shows up there.


  8. Glad you all like my booth. I spent sooooo much time thinking about it my brain hurt. I am hoping next time it's easier!

  9. Congrats on your show! Everything looked wonderful and cheery!

  10. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for the great pics of your
    Quilt Market adventure! Love your booth and the little houses in the village! So cute! Cheers for a happy, successful weekend!-Robin


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