Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Doing a Happy Dance

Hey Hey! Guess what? Yep, I got the space. I am super excited to have a studio, it's gigantic and close to home. Only a couple of miles, that's really good, because at my last studio I did a lot of traveling back and forth.

Let me give you the tour....

Here is the outside, nothing to exciting, but nice. I love the big windows, it is so bright inside and I don't even have the power turned on.

You walk in the green door and you enter this room. I am thinking this will be the reception/office area. It's a nice blue so I won't paint it. Well maybe I would add some stripes or polka dots... it is still to be decided.

After entering the reception area you immediately turn right into this big ol' room. This will be the store/studio space.

I am thinking the front will be the store and it will be partitioned with curtains. These curtains will be able to open and close. That way when I have open houses, craft nights, or what-have-ya, I can shut off the messy part. Messy? Oh no, it will never be messy, will it?

There are three rooms off to the left. One is a big storage closet, one is a restroom, and one will be a kiln room. These are all painted nicely too. The bathroom is green. There was a Montessori school in here once, so I think that's why everything is bright. Because of the Montessori school there is also one of those tiny toilets next to the full size toilet in the bathroom. Just like I thought, my boys thought it was the best part of the studio and I couldn't get them off of it to take a picture! If you ever come visit, you can see the tiny toilet too!

I am taking votes on colors...I can't believe I am saying this but I have so many lime green, yellow, and turquoise rooms at home, I am thinking I need something different. I realize that I still will probably choose something close, but I was hoping to mix it up a bit. Got any suggestions?

Okay now that you have had the tour, here are a couple of other funny side notes....

I posted the previous studio post last week. Immediately the news traveled and I couldn't believe how fast. First of all my Grandma, who by the way, reads my blog everyday. (Hi Grandma!) called my dad to ask him about it. My parents had no idea so they e-mailed. Next, one of my employees, Katie, was out of town. She read my blog and e-mailed me about it. Nik's mom e-mailed....all of a sudden I had an inbox full of "Where's the studio?" questions. You blog readers are informed on all the latest Jangles news and sometimes even before the folks near me know. Things happen fast around here, that's why you have to read the blog. :)

Second side note...I officially get the place on December first, my business license will hopefully be approved on the 8th. I am thinking about hosting an open house on the 11th. What do you think, can I pull it off? I really want to have a shin-dig before the holidays. I will keep you posted because you're all invited!

Have a great day,


  1. That is so COOL! Congrats! I would go with purple with lime/turquoise dots, swirls, stripes;o)

  2. What a Fabulous place. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and you have a great imagination...How bout living the walls white and putting a border all around about four feet up with black and white check??? Then your walls can grow with colorful art and quilts and such...Fun fun fun...Love and hugs, Diane

  3. Congratulations Jennifer. It looks great!!!

  4. Jennifer I am very into purple right now. I was considering it. I found a rec room that was lime green, a yellowish orange, and a eggplant. It was soooo pretty.


  5. Diane,

    I do like the black and white check idea. I would love to do the floor in that, but I can't spend the money. Maybe the walls?

  6. Congratulations on the space!!! The lime/eggplant idea sounds great. I'm about to paint my bedroom a green (haven't decided what shade yet) and eggplant. Love those colors together. So happy for you and think you're amazingly creative! Good luck!!

  7. Wow, that is really exciting news! I wish I lived close enough to come check it out when you are open, it sounds like it will be awesome! As for a colour choice, I was going to suggest fuschia pink but that might be too much if it was only the one bright colour but maybe combine it with the black and white idea above? So many possibilities...

  8. What an awesome feeling it must be to have a new creative space - so jealous!! :)

  9. Super Congrats! I want to drive up for the open house!! Have fun making this all your own. We are all so proud of you. Lynn from Miami

  10. Congrats on the studio. It looks great! Good luck getting your open house ready by the 11th.

  11. Hey Jennifer,
    Wooo Hooo!!! What a great new place!
    It's like a blank canvas just waiting for your unique style. Like they say though, "keep it simple stupid" because your work speaks for itself!! Good Luck!
    Joan E. Brands

  12. No kidding you're excited, what an awesome space!! You're gonna have so much fuuuun!!!

  13. Congratulations on your new studio. I personally love all of your beads so I'm sure you'll have no problem choosing colors. I happen to like the idea of something like the design that separates your blog entries on the wall at about chair rail height. I think that would look so cool!

    And thanks for a chance to win some of your beads.

  14. Ooh, Jennifer, congratulations on the new digs! I am keeping my fingers crossed for an open house on the 11th; count me in! :-)

  15. Diane,

    I just picked out black and white checkered flooring for our rec room redo, now that Jangles is moving out of the house!

  16. Cynthia,

    My friend Dori at Dreaming Bear Designs has a hot pink store. It's super cool!

  17. Great Pam! I will announce it on the blog if it happens. I am thinking it will.

  18. Congrats on the new looks awesome!
    Hmmmm....colors, colors.... How about a amethyst (or maybe a light amethyst--not lavendar but a warmer purple). Then accent it with small amounts of a peridot and aqua color (or sunflower would be really nice too in place of the aqua). Since the floor is white and the ceiling is white, it would stay bright. And, crafty girl that you are, you could do a "drop cloth rug" with the black/white checks and swirls.
    Bead happy!

  19. Sounds like your rec room will be a fun place. Hugs, Diane

  20. Wish I lived close enough to visit but am enjoying watching all of your successes from afar! So happy for you - Mary from Seattle

  21. Congrats on your new home! Such a lovely place with loads of potential - although it can be daunting to be faced with a truely blank canvas. My idea would be a super strong cool red for the walls, given your black and white floor. Or even lime green. Oh, okay, any colour would look totally wonderful, good luck with your decisions....

  22. Oh Jen!!! This is making my little heart go pitter pat!!! Mucho, mucho congrats!!! This is truly a pivotal moment for your sure to revel in it a little bit. Love, love!!!

  23. Hi Jennifer,
    Congrats on the super cool new studio! It looks so open and light and just FAB! For color ideas, maybe leave the walls white to fill with your wonderful creations & just top off the walls with a border of a lime stripe with white & turquoise and/or lime polka dots or both underneath... or, you'll come up with something great!:)

  24. I am thinking orange!!!!
    That is my second fav color after lime.
    Congradulations on the new place!!

  25. hello mam,
    I just want to say marvelous designs I have found here..congrts for your excellent work..I,ll waiting for your next blog..


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