Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birks Quilt

I think I told you awhile ago that Birk was making his first quilt. He stuck to it and worked on it about once a week for a month. He did an amazing job. He was at my moms a few weeks ago and go to use her long arm to quilt it. He did get some help sewing on the binding, he's not a big fan of hand sewing. Using a sewing machine is like driving a car, hand sewing is boring because there are no foot pedals.


  1. How awesome! I love the fabric with the manatees on it (unless I'm hallucinating and they aren't really manatees...haha) :o)

  2. Yes Katie, those are manatees. He loves animals and got in as many as he could!

  3. I absolutely love it! Tell him good job!! My little guy loves manatees too! They became his favorite animal of all time, once we visited Sea World! Ha! What a fun summer project!

  4. I told Birk you all liked his quilt and he was pretty excited, now he wants his own blog.


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