Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bead and Button Pictures

Hi all! I am back from Bead and Button. It feels good to be home, I could deal with a few degrees cooler but I am just hunkering down in the air conditioning. I am so glad we got it fixed up right before we left, it was 100 degrees yesterday. Yikes!

So here are some photos from my week and a half trip up north. I was teaching before the show started so it was a long one. We get to stay with our best friends while we are there so it's always fun.

First we drove up, and while we were headed up 65 in Indiana we came across a huge wind farm. We could not believe how many windmills we saw. They went on for as far as you could see and they were all spinning. It was super cool. When we stopped at a rest stop, we saw a truck carrying the parts for another. See how big those blades are?

We got to Milwaukee a few days early so our boys could hang out with our friends kids. They lived in Milwaukee for the first few years of their life, so they are always happy to return.

We went down to the lake and did some kite flying. There was no wind so it was more of a kite running day.
After the fun weekend, I started my classes. I taught five in all. If you are a teacher then you are also included in the Meet The Teacher Event. It's on Wednesday night before the show. Here is my little table with my fancy table cloth.

Seriously, is that bridge wearing a necklace?

Thursday is the start of the show. Here is what the hall looks like before most of the beads make it in.
Here is the start of my set up.

Here I am helping a customer and looking very serious.
And there we go, Bead and Button in a nut shell. For those of you who came, it was great to see you.

Have a great day,


  1. your booth is so colorful and fun!!!

  2. Always a treat to see you!
    Looking forward to next year.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Hi Jen! Sorry I couldn't come and see you! Looks like a fun time! You booth, as always, looks great!


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