Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mystery Quilt

Good Morning,

Check out my latest bit of fun. My local quilt shop is hosting a mystery quilt thingy. I don't really know what you would call it. I am sure there are quilters out there who know what I am talking about so feel free to jump in with the actual word. Anywho, we pick out our fabrics and each month for six months we get instructions for one step of the quilt. This month I had to cut some triangles and sew them together. Now that I have them finished I need to take them to the store and they will give me my next set of instructions.

I have never done anything like this. I am a control freak so this is huge that someone else is telling me what to do. ( yes. that's why I am self employed) The girls at the shop warned me it was a bit of a traditional quilt, they know my style. I made sure to pick out some fun colors for the experience. I will keep you updated in the months to come of my progress. Should be interesting....

By the way, above is take two of the picture, I had a helper the day of the photo shoot who wouldn't get his big nose out of the way!


  1. glad i am not the only one with nosey dogs!!! love those fabrics you picked.....even if the pattern in traditional those fabrics with make it whimsical. when i use to teach quilting i taught a few mystery classes...its fun!

  2. What a fun idea for making a quilt. I love how you have to take one step in finished before they'll give you the next set of instructions!! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


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