Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When Opportunity Knocks

I moved to Athens three years ago and I have to admit I am terrible at getting out and trying to get the local people to know my art. I don't have a gallery in town that carries my work, I am too big of a chicken to walk into a store and ask them to carry my things. I have applied to a little show in town for the past three years and can't get in. They have their set list of local artists and I guess I am too new to be one of them. It's not that I really want to do art fairs again, they are such hard work. But, I would like to have one to look forward to in the fall, I don't get out much in the fall, (for Jangles).

So yesterday I got a call from the woman who runs the Norcross ArtFest, she had a booth available and loves my work. It's an hour away from my house in a really cute town. Nice hours, good food, super cool artists, etc. The only hitch, it's October 3-4th! That's in a week and a half. It's not every day you get invited to be in a show, so I had to say yes.

Now that leaves me with a huge task over the next week, I have to make art. I need jewelry, small flowers, supply bags, and wall hangings. Plus then there is the whole display. See that picture above? That was my last art fair display. I was 23 in that picture, now let's just say I am older. Luckily, I have always used black in my displays and I have saved everything, seriously I could outfit a store in displays, I have so much stuff. It's just the digging out that will take awhile. So if you don't mind, for the next week or so I will be taking you on my fast paced, getting ready for my first art fair journey, via the blog.

Have a great day,


  1. Jennifer, I'm glad you got into the show as it will be good exposure for you!

    You are right, shows are a lot of work, but this one sounds like just the thing for Jangles!

    Best of luck!

  2. Good luck at the show, I know you will do great!
    I've found it hard to meet people in my new home of Ohio. So I've started reading Cleveland Magazine, and emailing people who are great artists. I'm making some really cool friends that way. I'm trying out different things, I want to meet people my age but that's been especially hard.

  3. You'll do great! Your displays are always top notch and your wares are the best. Don't feel that you have to overdo it...simple and sparse is my motto...makes 'em want more! Have fun! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. That will be great, Jennifer! I'd love to see your process!

  5. Jennifer, I am looking forward to the next few blogs, as those of us who are pondering the idea of doing shows will not doubt find your postings about the process to be very interesting!

    P.S. Your work is fabulous and I'm sure with your artful eye, your booth will be extra special too - can't wait to see the photos!

  6. I missed this post. But I do know what you mean about going local. It is daunting. It is frustrating. I've only been where I live for 4 years and I mostly feel like an outsider. And a lot of that's just cowardly me. But I've just started doing a monthly market. It is wonderful and has made me feel much more in touch with the community. I hope this show goes well for you! An hour away is pretty local. You will get it all done and it will be fantabulous.


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