Tuesday, September 8, 2009

100 Bats

Hey, Hey,

Hope everyone had a great three day weekend. I am slowly getting things done today, it's always hard to jump back in after a long break.

We have workers here at our house today sealing the eaves of our roof. We have bats living in the soffits. They estimate 100 of them. Now that it's staying dark in the mornings, we have notice bats flying around the house and hitting the walls. We also, have been "swooped" a few times by them. We had some experts out and they found that they are living in our house. Eeek!
Today they are sealing up every nook and cranny today to hopefully keep them out for good. They are going to put valves that will let the bats fly out but not get back in. So tomorrow morning, I am guessing there are going to be a lot of bats flying around looking for a new home. Sorry bats....



  1. Oh, my goodness, Jennifer. Here's wishing no more bats in your belfrey!

  2. ACk! Going batty...been there! I had them in my cathedral ceiling in the bedroom so I heard them scratching in there one night. I kept thinking they were going to come through and fall on me. We had to do the same thing.

    Love the new Halloween beads

  3. Last night I had to put ear plugs in because they kept running into the house and our window screens. It was freaking me out. I didn't see them this morning so I am hoping that means they found a new home.


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