Monday, September 28, 2009


Hey there! I told you Friday I was painting...and here's the proof. Whew! It was a long day but I got lots finished. Above are my wood plaques for my wall hangings. Below is the fabric I painted for more bags. I love painting with paint, it's instant gratification. I don't have to wait on the kiln to fire.
While I have been working I have been thinking about my display. I will write more on that later but IO decided to paint some signs and pieces to bring the jewelry, bags, and wall hangings together. I found a cool Christmas tree for my ornaments at Hobby Lobby but I had to add some dots to it to make it Jangle-ly.
We had these doors from another project set aside in the garage so I painted them black and I plan to hang hooks on it to display my wall hangings.I still might paint a little sign on it too, but I couldn't decide at the time.
Here are my signs I painted, yes they are painted on a pizza box. I will trim them up later.

Today, I am going to be making beads. I still need to make quite a few for the show. But first, it's Monday so I think I am going to call a Jangles board meeting to get a big fat to-do list compiled for the week. Otis, (my dog), really hates to sit through these meetings, but he's my only employee. :)

Have a good day,

Come see me at the Norcross Art Fair, this weekend....


  1. You've been busy! I like the idea of hanging your items on the doors, but how do you keep it standing up? Do you have help lugging stuff for the show? I just completed a two-day show and would never have been able to carry the heavy stuff by myself. Such a frustration to me having to rely on someone else to help--but I just don't have the muscles...

    As far as Otis, maybe he needs an incentive to attend those board meetings.

  2. Tell Otis that he better start a-waggin' and get his tail in gear to help with the prep work! You rock! Can't believe how very productive you, wait a minute...strike that...I can't believe that you don't take a break! Your booth will be a stunner. Can't wait to see your display own need some shakin' up but I don't have enough hours in the day. And that tree? Soooo Jangle-y now!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. love what you have done so far, it is really fun! The door is a great idea!! I may have to "borrow" that one. I have been trying to find a better way to display my necklaces, that just might be the way {or something like it}.

    I am planning out my spending for the next month and I may have to include a few of your jangles :)

    Thanks for the inspiration


  4. you go girl! those shows are so much work - and I don't have a fraction of the stuff you do! Remember to have fun! =)
    you are a true inspiration!!!

  5. WOW! you are SO wishes with the show this weekend!

  6. It's a lot of preparation to get ready for a show, isnt it?
    I'd love to see your finished booth, and good luck!

  7. Thanks for sharing your "works" in progress. You must show us pix of the completed goodies.
    Can't believe what you got done in ONE day!! Makes me feel very slooowww.... Thanks for the inpiration.
    PS - The doors are a great prop, too.


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