Saturday, July 25, 2009

Out my Window

How cute are my baby deer? I took this picture out my kitchen window the other day. Every year we have a momma deer who has two babies and they live in our yard. This morning they had a play date with another momma and baby in our yard. I love watching them.


  1. We have some white tailed deer our back of our house too! Chloe goes out there sometimes and taps her hand on her leg and calls to them "c'mere deer"... So cute! I love how they frolic all over the place on their new legs (kind of like watching Chloe learn to get the hang of running around on her two legs). Hope you have them out there every year & that they don't eat too much of your garden...

  2. That's sweet! You're lucky to be able to see them!

  3. I love having them in our yard. We do have an eight foot tall fence around our garden. Once when the garden was done, Nik left the gate open and within a couple of hours we had five deer in the garden. We take no chances with our veggies!



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