Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Orders, shipping time, etc

Hi everyone...
I thought I should officially post about Holiday orders, shipping time, and things like that. Usually things just kind of wind down on their own and so I never really say, "Jangles is closing" and I won't say it this year either. But just in case your e-mailing me and I am slow to can read this and understand. Don't worry, I will get back to you it just might take a day or two.

I will ship any Etsy orders until the 24th...if you need it by a certain date, please send me an e-mail right away and let me know. For website orders, if it's in stock I will also send it out, if I need to make it...well, it could take some time. It's Christmas break at my house so I won't be in the studio much. After the first of January everything will go back to normal...whatever that is:)

Keep checking back at the blog, I will still be posting and I am going to do some project reposts for inspiration. I hope everyone has Happy and Relaxing Holidays.


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