Wednesday, December 3, 2008

7:00 And the winner is...

We have a winner! Tonight’s first winner is Susan Gunderson. I will mail out your prize tomorrow Susan. Congratulations!

Didn’t win? There are still three more drawings tonight and then the big one tomorrow. The next prize is the hoop earrings. They are lime green and royal with black polka dots. They go great with jeans or a black suit. These hoops are approximately an inch in diameter.

If you have already sent your name into me, don’t worry you are still in the drawing. If you haven’ sent me an e-mail or a comment, what are you waiting for, get your name in. The drawing will be at 8:00.


  1. woo-hoo! =)
    I am loving these earrings - I am all about the hoops!

  2. Oh my,my husband is letting me use computer for 5 min.Please let me win something.You know I love your jewelry and colors.And guess what!?I ordered your book last week from my craft book club!Hi to every one at the party and I wish I could be with you.Maybe he'll go to sleep.Happy Holidays.Give me luck=lucky angel.Love to all!!
    Gail Whitehead

  3. I go crazy at open houses.I love all your new beads & hope I'm lucky enough to win something.

  4. I love the open house idea - and yes - I am in my pajamas!!! These hoops match some beads that I bought from you when you visited the guild in Miami! Good luck to everyone!!!

  5. Wow there are a lot of Miami people here tonight! Welcome, glad you could make it.


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