Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Simply Beads Projects

Simply Beads Copyright 2008

The latest issue of Simply Beads just came out. I have several projects in the magazine this month. Above is my favorite of the projects. Hair sticks are just another way to add beads to your wardrobe, and we're all trying to do that right? I love to wear these. I just added some finished hair sticks in my Etsy Store. If your looking for these particular beads to make the project, they are at Fusion Beads.


  1. Jen, these are soooo cute! It would be a blast to have chopsticks like these too! Great job!

  2. Hi Jennifer, very playful hair sticks! I think The Dreaming Bear is onto something too with the chopsticks idea. I'm gonna check whether our company's hair sticks are food-grade. :)

    at Rings & Things

  3. Dave,
    Let me know about that. I am pretty sure these came from Rings and Things.

  4. Jennifer - that is a very cool idea. Could the same concept be applied to other items like wine bottle recorkers? Please feel free to publicize your wonderful blog in the forum at Beads.net. Your expertise is most welcome.


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