Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ceramic Bead Jewelry is Available!

Yes, It's book is available. It's even early! I am so excited. If you ordered from me it's on it's way. If you ordered from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Lark books, or anywhere should be on it's way. I know that a few people have received there books already. Before I show you a comment I received, I want to say.....I spent a lot of time coming up with projects and writing this book over the last few years. I have had an advanced copy for a few months. I am really happy with how it turned out. My family and friends have seen my copy, they all like it too. But, come on, are they going to say anything different? So over the last few days I have received a few comments on my blog about the book. These are comments from people who have gone out and bought the book. I don't know them so the reviews from them are what I have been waiting for.

This comment is one of them. When you read it you will see why I had a huge smile on my face all night. It just makes me all mushy inside. Please read on....

The kits are great! I am so excited - I got your book today - I pre-ordered it and it was waiting on my porch when I got home from work. It was ALL I could do to cook supper for my family before sitting down and reading the ENTIRE book - yes, cover to cover this evening. I am so excited to get started, I can hardly stand it. I have so much to learn and live in a small town, so there is not much support around me. I so wish I could come to the Bead and Button show to see you! For anyone who has not purchased this book - ORDER IT TODAY! Jennifer, you are amazing!

Thanks Robin! You make me happy.....good luck with your bead making and please send me a photo of your first beads.

The van loaded up with books for a big trip to the post office.

Have a great day!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I received a copy of your book yesterday, and I'm thrilled with it! Even after I put it down for the night, I kept plotting all the projects I'm going to try. Thanks for helping all the clay "newbies" get a start.

  2. Jennifer I received my copy early too and just wrote a review of it for the BOC blog and my blog as well. I love the book and your enthusiastic spirit. I am going to try some of your ideas as well.

  3. I got my copy and lovely bead today and can't wait to go through it cover to cover. It looks great from the flipping through!


  4. I saw your book at Joanns today and just had to buy it. I LOVE it. It is filled with such great information.

    Can't wait to try making my own ceramic beads.

    Deb in MN



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