Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Make a Friend Doll and Clothes Sewing Patterns

Hello!  Can I just say how much fun I had designing these for you?

My mermaid doll pattern has been very popular, but it never dawned on me to sew up a doll pattern, until recently.

I will tell you a bit about each pattern. First is the Make a Friend Doll. She is 20" tall and takes 5/8 of a yard of fabric to make. You can use felt or polar fleece for her hair. He pony tails can be customized by length and placement if you're making a doll to look like someone special.

Even though she is 20", she can wear those popular 18" doll clothes most of the time. And vice verse, those dolls can wear the Make a Friend clothes. Here are a couple photos of the dolls in the Make a Friend clothes.

Her feet are the size of store bought newborn socks and shoes.....more options to dress your friend.

And the sundress pattern is included with the doll pattern so she'll have something to wear while you're stitching up all of those other clothes in the wardrobe pattern.

This pattern has all sorts of options to keep you sewing for a while. The pattern comes with all if the options you see here. There are undies, socks, shoes, dresses, pants, shorts, and shirts. I am guessing you'll be able to come up with other outfits from the pattern as well.


I'm thinking about a sew a long, like we did with the Little Llama last year, what do you think? Let me know if that's something you'd like to do in the comments.

Have a great day,

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  1. Jennifer , I love your patterns and have quite a few. I'd love to get the doll and wardrobe patterns to make some for the Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes that our church fills in November. Is there a way to get the $5 discount you offered in May for buying both together, please?? Thanks very much! Annette

  2. I'm not sure how your sew alongs work but I'd love to make this doll and outfits. My sewing time is limited to late afternoons/evenings.

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