Thursday, January 24, 2019

Make your own Glittered Felt Fabric for Crafts, It's so Easy!


Hello! I am dropping in today to show you how easy and fun it is to make your own glittered felt. I don't know about you but I love anything sparkly so anything glittered catches my eye.  I heard that the reason people are attracted to glitter goes back to our cave-woman days. Water was needed for survival an glitter mimics the sparkle of water. Who knew that?

Glitter felt is really fun to add to your felted holiday ornaments and other crafts. I used the felt here in my ballerina shoes Make a Friend sewing pattern.

So let's get started. Your going to need:

1. Iron, any iron will do, just turn off the steam.

2. Felt, I prefer a wool blend. It sew better than any synthetic. If you do choose a synthetic felt, be sure that it can withstand high temperatures. You don't want it melting when you iron it so please test it first. My favorite if this felt from National Non-wovens.

3. Glitter vinyl. This is the vinyl that is used with vinyl cutters to make t-shirts and other crafts. You can find Heat Transfer Vinyl here on Amazon.


1. To make the felt, cut a piece of vinyl just smaller than the piece of felt. Arrange the glitter vinyl on top. Press down with your iron on high heat. Be sure to follow the instructions on the vinyl for details on adhering.


2. Once the vinyl has cooled, peel off the protective film. That's it! You now have glittered felt, easy right?


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