Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How to Make the Happy Camper Softie with Zoom Zoom the Car

Hello! I have had lots of people ask about how I made this camper and if I have the sewing pattern available. Zoom Zoom the car is pulling it and that pattern can be found here.

It was made using the Happy Camper Bag Pattern with some modifications. I'm going to give you the steps here so you can make one yourself. 

You'll want to follow the same steps as the bag for cutting and applying the appliques to the front and the back of the camper. Leave off the wheels and the flower appliques.

The sides are different because you are leaving out the zipper. You'll cut the bottom and the grass with the same measurements listed in the pattern. The body piece will be cut at 18.25" x 5.75". You don't need to cut lining, handles, or binding for the softie either.

Follow the instructions for sewing together the outer band. The outer band is the top cream, bottom blue, and grass pieces. Once those are sewn together you can add two more window appliques to the body fabric of the band.

If you want your camper to be pulled by Zoom Zoom, you'll want to sew a tab so they can connect. The tab will be added to the Happy Camper and a button will be sewn to the back of Zoom Zoom. You can see the tab below.

Cut the tab 5" x 5" fold in half with right sides facing. Sew around a short side and the long side, turn and press.  Stitch a button hole at the finished end to fit your button. Insert the raw edge of the tab when sewing the camper together.

Cut twice as many wheels. Applique the hub caps on four of them. Place the right sides of the wheels together and sew around, leave an opening for turning.  Turn and stuffed  and then hand stitched on to the sides of the camper.

Hope that helps in sewing up the camper softie, if you make one send me a picture. Pleas ask if you have more questions.

Have a good day,

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