Thursday, July 20, 2017

Little Llama Softie Sew a Long - Making the Blanket

Welcome back to the Little Llama sew a long!  A little reminder about the giveaway, etc. and then we'll get to sewing the llama, we'll be finishing up LittleLlama today!
I will choose a random winner from Instagram and a random winner from Facebook who has posted a picture of their llama or llama in progress. Each winner will receive a 50.00 Jennifer Jangles gift certificate. The hashtag to use is #littlellamasoftie  You can tag me on Instagram as well. For Facebook, you can tag me or post your photo to my Jennifer Jangles page. You can post as many different photos that you would like.


I will announce the winners on July 28th (2017) so if you can't sew day to day with us, this will give you time to finish up.

As we sew, if you have questions, you can ask them here in the comments and then when I answer, everyone will benefit from seeing the answer as well. And by all means, leave me a comment to let me know how your little friend is coming along.

Let's get started! There are so many ways to sew the llamas blanket, I can't wait to see what you come up with. This Little Llama is the llama on the pattern cover. It's got ric rac and felt balls for trim.

This Little Llama is the llama on the pattern cover. It's got ric rac and felt balls for trim.

Boho Llama here, has a felt feather medallion, velvet ribbon, and I used a vintage feedsack fabric for her blanket. 

Clever Llama has tassels on her blanket and of course felt glasses. You can print the pattern here. Cut them from felt and tack stitch them on to here face.

Outdoor-sy Llama has a flannel plaid blanket with pom pom trim. 

The steps are the same for any of the blankets, you will just sew more or less trim on than the original Little Llama.

Cut two pieces of fabric measuring 5” x 9”. 


On one of the pieces, pin the trim. Pin two pieces going the length of the blanket and two pieces going with the width of the blanket. Make sure that the outer edges of the trim is at least 1/4” in from the raw edges. Top stitch these in place.

Place the right sides together of the two blanket pieces. Stitch around the outside, leaving a 3” opening for turning. Clip the corners and turn right side out. Press and hand stitch the opening closed.

Stitch the felt balls to the four corners of the blanket. Stitch tassels along the bottom, add a medallion, have fun with those embellishments. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to embellishments if you need some inspiration.

Keep posting those llama photos. I hope that you had fun and maybe learned something new. I will pick the winners on Friday the 28th and let you know who they are.

If you want to email me a picture of your llama it's

Have a great day,

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  1. can't wait to finish her up today! I don't see a link for the glasses. not sure I will use them but noticed it is missing! this has been fun. thanks!

    1. Thank you for letting me know Ellyn, I forgot to add the link. It is fixed now. :) I am happy to hear you you had fun making your llama!

  2. Is the blanket affixed to the llama or is it loose?

  3. Delores, I stitched it down at the four corners to hold it in place. :)


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