Monday, November 3, 2014

A Walk in The Woods Quilt and Projects


Hi there,  Today I thought I would show you the projects that I have sewn up from the project booklet that coordinates with the A Walk in the Woods fabric. The booklet has patterns for a wall quilt, placemats, a table runner, stuffed pumpkins, napkins, and napkin rings.

Right now I have the fall table runner as well as three stuffed pumpkins adorning my kitchen table.

I pull out the placemats when we eat dinner. There are four different designs so everyone in the family gets there own. 

Unfortunately,  I can’t hang my wall quilt in my kitchen because I have more windows than wall space. But if I had a wall big enough it would be hanging there for sure.

Have a great day,

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  1. How cute Jennifer. Great patterns and good choice of fabrics!

  2. Oh my goodness Jennifer, the colors and the cuteness just make me smile.

  3. I absolutely love the quilt and the table runner. I looked on your etsy and pattern shop and didn't find a pattern with the fox and squirrel on it. Did I miss it?? Would love to purchase it..Thanks.

    1. Found it, just had to google it more aggressively. Thanks

  4. Jennifer, your quilt is so adorable and I love the table runner and placemats. I had to smile when I saw the fox with the boots on his feet. How cute that is!

  5. Jennifer everything looks so great!

  6. Hi Jennifer, love the fabric, the animals are so cute. I have used wall hangings and quilts as curtains, covering the electric box and even pinned up on ceiling.....many babies and kids love to look up from their bed to see their favorite character or animal.....

  7. absolutely wonderful creations!

  8. I did a google search for the booklet and wasn't able to find it. Where can I get the booklet at?


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