Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Camper Updates and a Necklace Project, It's Glamping Week!

Hello, Hello, Oh boy there's is a lot of work going on in the camper. We had a late night last night and I think it will be another late one tonight. It's doing along nicely, with just a few setbacks here and there. But before I get going on the updates from yesterday I wanted to share my Travel Trailer Necklace Project with you.

This is an easy one to put together and here's what you'll need.

1 Ceramic Camper Pendant
3 5mm Glass Flag Beads
3 Eyepins 1" in length
Chain of desired length

1. Start by sliding a glass bead onto an eye pin. Close the eye pin by making a wire loop. Do this for all three flags.
2. Connect all three flags together in a row.
3. Connect one end of the chain to one of the ends of the flag string.
4. Slide the pendant on to the chain and connect the remaining chain end to the flag string.

 Now on to the camper updates. First there has been lots of caulking. I hate to think how many tubes we have gone through during this restoration process. Yesterday it was the kitchen that got the caulking.

The backsplash is galvanized steel, that way I can hang things with magnets on it. I'm thinking spices, hooks for potholders, magnet clips, etc. In this little of a space, everything has to be used for storage.

One of the updates that our camper guys did was add a new water tank. They had to special order one that would fit under our bad, I guess they are all bigger now. We also got a hot water heater for under the sink, I think hot water is gong to come in handy, especially with not having a shower and having two pre teen boys.

Here's the fridge framed out and ready to go.

Next was the not so fun job of adding the wood paneling. We used Luan so it could be painted. It doesn't bend well so we had to do some seams that was then covered up with trim board.

We added new seat boards to the dinette. And now the painting has begun. Don't have pictures of it yet, but I will tomorrow. 

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