Friday, November 1, 2013

Snowman Week is Coming

It's November! I have no idea where October went but it blew by this year. Were in November, it's the first and to kick it off I took the boys to school this morning and headed straight to Starbucks to get my first peppermint mocha of the season. It's so good, I have self imposed peppermint mocha drinking rules, and one is that it has to be November before I start drinking them, second, I CANNOT go to Starbucks everyday and get one as much as I would like too. I make them at home on those days. :) And by January 1st, I am so sick of peppermint mochas I never want to drink one again. 

I don't know I am feeling like I could almost get out some Christmas lights and string them up today, I'm feeling so festive. It's getting cold here, it's sweater weather, and it's dark more. Maybe this weekend, after I spend some time cleaning up my studio, I'll hang some lights.

Okay, but enough about my holiday excitement, well, this still is about my holiday excitement but now it's more about beads and sewing. I am declaring next week Snowman Week. Won't you join me? Snowmen are just so dang cute and fun that I feel like we should dedicate an entire week to them.  I will be featuring a new snowman project everyday here at the blog, all week long. I'm going to have a snowman sale as well(more details on Monday). It should be good fun. And yes, I will be drinking peppermint mochas everyday as well. You'll probably catch shots of them on Instagram or Facebook. :)

Please come back on Monday won't you, I promise it will be fun.

Have a great day,

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  1. O snowmen are my favorite. I will be here all week waiting for each one.

  2. I love Snowmen and I am geared up for Christmas decorating too.....browsed through the Lowe's Christmas aisles and got all kinds of ideas. My favorite holiday indulgence is Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark. I limit myself to one piece or two a day. We buy a couple extra bags and put them in the freezer, then when it's summer they make a nice cool treat. Oh Jennifer, I made some cute flowers from your tutorial...they were so much fun...Now I want to make one of those cute scarves.

  3. Excited and looking forward to it.


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