Thursday, October 10, 2013

Holiday Paper Dolls and a Flickr Group

For no other reason than I am a little bit crazy, I made these little holiday paper dolls. It all started when I was coming up with my Holiday Projects header. These paintings are taken from my It's Christmas! line of fabric, I started changing them a bit to make the theme a little more crafty. I added a sewing machine and some beads. In my head I started calling him crafty elf, once again don't ask, I work alone and I have to entertain myself somehow. 

Crafty elf and his reindeer friend come on a postcard like this...

There are instructions on the back on how to assemble the whole village. I have mine on my desk. Starting yesterday, anyone who places an order will get one of these postcards in their package, just for fun. Oh and I guess I should say until supplies run out.

On to other Holiday Project business...

Made with Jennifer Jangles is the our new Flickr Group! I say our because I want everyone to post pictures of anything you made with beads, buttons, fabric, patterns, etc. Show and tell is always so fun, this is the virtual Jennifer Jangles show and tell. I started by adding some of my work so it wouldn't be so empty, but please head over and add your photos, anyone can join the fun.

I want to say it was a wonderful kick off to the projects yesterday. I was surprised at how many of you mentioned that you were inspired to start crafting for the holidays. Woot woot! That's what I am hoping to inspire you to do. The first letter always seems to arrive so early, but really, it's mid October.

Have a great day,

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