Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things Organizer

Good morning everyone. I am up early and excited to get working today. Yesterday, I had a GOOD day of working. I have a pile of prototype-half way finished-maybe patterns on my work table. Some of them I have sewn 20 times, seriously, and the piece does not turn out how I want it too. I tweak the pattern and come back to it. It's been driving me crazy. Yesterday, I felt like sewing so I came back to the pile, pick a few of the projects and started tackling them. I am so happy to say, I have three finished projects. Yippee! Two will be sewing patterns and one will hopefully be going to a magazine. I am feeling like super woman now. Well, at least in the sewing room.

Yesterday was a perfect example of how I am going to try working this year. When I'm waking up, drinking my coffee, and checking my e-mails I'm also assessing what I feel like doing that day. These days I find myself designing a lot. And you need to have your creative hat on when your designing. You know, you gotta be feeling it.

So yesterday I was feeling the sewing...today....it's making beads and some other clay do-dads....

My break through got me thinking about Things. I have been meaning to tell you about it. If you have a Mac there is an app for your laptop called Things. I have been using it for about six months now and love it. It's a giant to do list. You know how I love making lists! Before I had Things, my problem was I had so many things going on that I would make a big list and it would be so long that a few days later I would have to make another and then another. It made me keep thinking of all of the things I needed to get finished. That's when I decided to look around at my options. I have always been a die hard pen and notebook carrying girl. I didn't like the idea of a computer list. But this is a list makers dream. You can categorize your lists. I have a sewing list, a design list, a holiday projects list,etc. When I think of something I need to do I can add it and then forget about it. If there's a deadline with the item, I can schedule it as well so it pops up when I need to get working on it. Feel like I can't describe how great this has been for me. It has freed my mind to think of other things besides what I need to do next. Unfortunately, it's not PC compatible or my husband would have it as well. I talk so much about how great it is. You can see it here.

Anybody else use things? or something else? Or got an good time organizing advice?

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  1. Things! I totally need that for my smarthphone! I will look to see if they have it. My lists have lists. I am a stickie note queen. But then they sit around so long they lose their stick! And I find them and wonder "Who wrote that stickie note?" ;-) I like your style that you have a plan that is loose but allows you to do what feels right in the moment. I might have to try that!
    Enjoy the day, Miss Jen! Erin

  2. I'm off to check it out!! Thanks for the tip!!!

  3. I tried the link to "Things" but was cautioned (through a Yahoo link) that continuing may endganger my computer.
    I have started using "Evernote"(http://evernote.com/) I use a Mac Air and an Android smart phone and Evernote links/updates to both and what I use is free. I use it for notes which can be filed into different notebooks. Links, pictures, audio & video can also be attached (although I haven't explored these features. I am just a functional user and not a great techie and I have found Evernote to be very user friendly.
    On another organizing note I came across Alejandra Costello, a decluttering & organizing expert. She has a youtube channel with excellent videos and a free 7 days get organized video class with tips and homework (I haven't started mine yet...maybe procrastination is the first lesson!).
    I have also started "Green Cleaning" which has cut cleaning time, product expense/clutter and chemical use. As a starting point I would recommed Leslie Reichert, The Cleaning Coach (http://www.greencleaningcoach.com/) and E-Cloth (http://www.ecloth.com/). I have not financial affiliation to either, I am just a user.
    Thanks for a Wonderful Blog,
    Claudia (who still cannot sign-in with any of my accounts (LiveJournal, Wordpress, or Open ID SIGH)

  4. I love your new header Jennifer. 'Maker of Happy Things' very gorgeous.


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