Monday, December 17, 2012

Knotted Flower Bracelet

Flower Bracelet
1 domed ceramic flower button, 1 wood bead, approximately 20" waxed cotton cording, 1 clasp, 2 seed beads
1. Begin by folding the cording in half. Approximately 1/4" past the fold tie a knot. (This is the loop the clasp will hook to.)
2. Determine the length you will want half of the bracelet to be (usually 3") Tie another knot here.
3. Slide the two ends of the cording through the backside of one of the buttons holes. Add the wood bead and then send the ends back through the button. Tie a knot snug against the back of the button.
4. Measure the cording to make the second side of the bracelet the same length as the first. Tie the clasp onto the bracelet at this point.
5. Trim the cord ends to approximately 1" and adde a seed bead to the cord. Secure with a knot.
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