Thursday, August 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home Challenge

Hello, Hello,

I have to share with you what the Great Plains Quilt Company did in their shop. They had a Home Sweet Home challenge. The only rules were that they had to use my Home Sweet Home Pattern as a starting point to make a house for the stores holiday village. They had a month to make them and then they gathered in the store to build a village and vote for their favorites. Here are some of the photos below. There were some really creative folks in this group....

                              A deer stand, I can't say I ever imagined that coming from my pattern.

                                                                Love the Hexy roof

                                                                        Some village shots

                                                              Looks like a real brick house


Aren't they great? I couldn't believe how much work everyone put into their projects. I wonder if they will expand their village this year....

You can find the Great Plains Quilt Company Facebook page here.

Have a great day,

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  1. Not a quilter at all, but this village is amazing! You can almost feel Christmas coming on!

  2. speaking of Christmas, I just received a few pieces of Jolly Holiday and, OMG, the colors are so bright it's just the best. Your fabrics also feel so good but the colors explode off the fabric. Can't wait to use them!!! Great job!!


  3. Pat,

    So happy to hear you like the fabric! I love how the In The Beginning Fabrics are so soft, I'm spoiled sewing with them all of the time.


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