Saturday, July 21, 2012

Charm Square Quilt

I mentioned the other day I have not sewn in for.....ever. My iron was unpacked from Quilt Market last week. I know ridiculous. But I feel like a sewing streak is upon us, and first things first. I had cut up a bunch of Tussie Mussie fabric into charm squares(5" x 5") a long time ago. I love a patch-worky quilt and that is what I was after.

Here's how it went....
I started by working on the design wall. There are 27 fabrics in this line so it took some planning to get them scattered just right.

Here's my ironing table with the squares...and my mocha.

After getting them just how I wanted, I started sewing them. This didn't take long at all.

 Here's what I got. I will add it to my stack of unfinished quilts. The pile is getting quite large and I am going to have to have a "finish it" weekend if we want to be warm this winter. Luckily I have a few months before it gets cold.


Now on to my next project to mark off of my wish list.... a ticker tape quilt. Stay tuned.
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  1. Hey Jennifer! Any chance you'd be offering any sets like this on Etsy? My mom is huge into quilting now and I'd love to get some of your charm squares to surprise her with.

  2. It's always fun to start sewing something that you've had in your head for awhile. The planning the prepping and then actually start sewing. So many things in the home disrupt what we love to do. I like what you are doing, simple yet your fabrics make it look so jazzy! Terry

  3. Love the fabricsand the finished quild top! Hope all is well! See you soon!


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