Friday, May 4, 2012

Week in Photos

Hello, Hello,

Things are chugging along here as I get ready for Quilt Market that is in 2 weeks! I have been sewing up a storm getting my booth ready. I have changed directions at least four times, but the last time I set it all up I didn't have the urge to change it all again. I took that as a good sign. Now it's down to sewing and there's a pretty good list of samples to sew still. And this might be stupid, but, I am saving the focal piece/sample until last.  It needs to be great and I haven't had the inspiration to sew it yet. Waiting on another sign I guess. Does anyone else operate this way?

Speaking of signs, operating, etc. those photos above are some of my instagrams from the week. It's super fun to snap a photo and post it. I so wish I could post it to my blog that way. I have my fingers crossed that they come up with that soon. For now though you can find them on the side bar of my blog. If I snap something I usually twitter it. Blogging has been hard for me lately but twitter has been loads of fun so that's where I've been.

Have a Happy Happy Friday!


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