Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Is it just me or do the holidays seem to be coming on really fast this year? I know I am always an early celebrator, but I am usually the only one. I've seen houses with lights up already, sales are starting at the stores... Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it, I just am concerned people will loose their enthusiasm by the time the actual holiday rolls around. What if no one is out shopping on the day before the night before Christmas? It's tradition in my family to go shopping on that day whether you need anything or not. We, well I, like to be out in all of the crazy-ness that day.

If you haven't wrapped your gifts yet....ha haven't have you? Here is the link to print out gift cards for your presents.

And for me, please save a little to do at the last minute...


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  1. Yes, the holidays do seem to arrive faster each year. I am not sure if it because I get busier each year as my business grows or because decorations are already out in the stores in October! Not to worry though, there will always be last minute shoppers a day or two before Christmas, aka my husband! You family tradition sounds fun!

  2. Kathleen,

    I completely forgot about some of the men. My dad refuses to shop before Christmas eve.


  3. It does seem way too early so far, but I do enjoy receiving your holiday newsletters as a way of slowing building the excitement!

  4. You are so inspiring. I love all of your things because they make me smile. :)
    By the way your studio's are the cutest places. Who couldn't be creative in there? Well maybe not as creative as YOU.

  5. The holidays have totally snuck up on me this year; it's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is a mere two weeks away! I am woefully unprepared. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. The wreath is up on my door already, although it isn't anything quite as elaborate as the one I saw on your blog. This is my favorite time of year, and I love to decorate, as well as cook and bake for family and friends!! Let's not forget about making presents! I must say that I was in a bit of a funk this morning, until I opened your e-mail and saw the wonderful ideas, as well as pictures of your studio. I was immediately transformed, and wished that I had a CD of Christmas music that I could play to finish my transformed mood!! I would be bouncing off the walls if I worked in your studio!! What a wonderful place!! I especially loved the touch of stars on the one wall. Impeccable decorating touches. Love the snowman, too!! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, all!! Probe211@aol

  7. Hi Jennifer,

    Oh, yes! I think the holidays start zooming along
    faster and faster each year! My birthday is also
    in December, so, I sometimes feel like it's just
    because I'm getting old! :0) Like you, I also enjoy the frenzy of the day before Christmas shopping! It's fun! Thanks for the gift cards!

    Cheers! -Robin :)


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