Friday, January 29, 2010

Polka Dots

Hey There! I am back...well kind of. I am all set up on an old computer since mine is still not cooperating. But I am at least able to upload and edit photos, which is good. Oh and my new espresso machine showed up yesterday so I have also been able to have my morning mocha. Whew! Things are coming together.

I have had a bit of a polka dot obsession lately. Actually, who are we kidding, I am always obsessed with polka dots. But I found this fabric and bought it in 12 colors. I think I am going to put it together in a project somehow. They are Michal Miller's Ta Dots for any of you fabric junkies out there needing some. I got them all at EuroGirlsBoutique Etsy shop.

As for the bowl of felt balls. I look at these as three- dimensional polka dots. I found myself using them everywhere. Stick around and you're going to see some new stuff with these. Since taking this picture, I have used more than half of this bowl of felt balls.

Still rattling on about my polka dots...I just added some new beads to the my Etsy shop, some of which have a new red and turquoise polka dot combination that I am in love with. They are very springy and fun. Besides the polka dots, I added new hearts, and some every day beads and pendants. The shop is filling back up again now that I have a computer, wahoo!

Happy Friday!


  1. sooo cute! i am definitely noticing a yearning for spring in bloggerland!

  2. Oooh, pretty! A girl can never have enough polka dots! Your new hoop sets are super fun!

  3. Maire,
    I hear ya! I think everyone has had it with winter. We've got ice coming tonight, ugh....

  4. Hi Genevieve,
    I am thinking about covering a small couch I have in my bedroom with all these polka dotted fabrics. What do you think? Nik agreed to it. It's just going to take forever.

    Talk to you soon,

  5. Love that picture of the felt beads, Jen! Looks like a bowl of candy!!! And your "oopsy" hoop earrings are adorable!!!

  6. I love felt beads! I have been embroidering them with seed beads for a couple of years and using them to make bracelets, necklaces, etc. My son asked me to make some of my felt beads to help him raise money for the children's hospital in our region.

    Where do you get your felt beads? Have your treid making your own?


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