Monday, January 18, 2010

Hearts Have Arrived

They are up! I just listed a bunch of new hearts up in my Etsy shop. I am super excited about them. I have a lot of red and pink, but I couldn't resist making some bright colors. Some of the beads I wanted to keep for myself and I am still thinking about holding onto them, but I listed for now. Scroll down to see some more....
So Valentiny (is that a word?)
Who says hearts have to be red?
Textures and Polka Dots

Have a great Day,


  1. yep, Had to snag a couple. Love 'em!
    How fun, Alice

  2. Wow!!! Love the new look of your blog!!! And love the new heart beads too! Way to go! -Dori

  3. Thanks Alice, I saw you got two of my favorites. I didn't know if anyone else would like a turquoise heart besides me.


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