Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flashback Friday on Saturday

Supplies Needed for One Place Card Holder:

  • 1 large ceramic character bead
  • Approximately 12 inches 18 gauge silver craft wire
  1. Begin by taking one end of your craft wire in the tip of your needle nose pliers. Turn the pliers in a circle to create a small swirl, measuring a half inch in diameter.
  2. At the base of the swirl, make a right angle with the wire.
  3. Slide the large beads onto the wire.
  4. At the base if the large bead bend another right angle. Grab that right angle in the tip of you pliers and create another swirl, this time going around in circles several times.
  5. This will be the base that you card holder stands on so you might need to work it with your fingers to make it flat.
  6. Once the base is flat you're ready to make some name cards.


  1. how cool is that?! sincerely, thank you for sharing this - what a great idea...

  2. OOOHHH I love this idea! And the star could be used year round for any special occasion or a photo holder!! Ok see now you have me thinking:D

  3. These are the cuuuuuuutest! I love placecard holders for the holidays!


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