Monday, August 24, 2009

Embellished Frame

Hello, Hope everyone had a great weekend...

I mentioned the new embellishment/beads that I added to my website last week, I thought I would show you a few more projects made with them. Today I thought I would show you the picture frame I made.

I bought a unfinished wooden frame and painted it black. After the paint dried I went back over the edges with a little sand paper to give it a worn look. I put a coat of sealer on it to make it more durable. After my paints were all dry I took four circle embellishments, 8 disc beads, and some wooden beads to the hardware store. There I found some nails that fit through the holes of the beads and extended a half inch beyond the beads when fully inserted. I took them home and arranged the beads on the frame. Next, I got out my hammer and nailed them into the frame. Yep...hammer and ceramic beads... The wood beads that I used help absorb the shock of the hammer. I did not break a single bead in the process.

Have a great day,

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