Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hi everyone,
If you were a student at one of my classes at the Bead and Button show, your beads are in the mail. Expect them soon. They turned out fabulous! Above you can see some of the beads that were made. I wish I could put all of them up but there were tons of beads coming out of the kilns this week.

Now that my book has come out and I have been teaching some classes, people are wondering where I buy my supplies. I buy everywhere and I think the best way to buy is locally. If you can find a ceramic supplier in your area then you can go and browse glazes and clay types. There are tons of test tiles and samples to see. It really is the best way to buy. Plus there are people who the run the shops that know all kinds of information to help. I am happy to drive an hour to my local shop, it is worth it.

If you can't find a supplier close by here are a few places online that can help. Also, google ceramic suppliers, you will find many more sources beyond these.

Big Ceramics Store

Whole Lotta Whimsy

Baileys Pottery Supply


Have fun shopping!


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    so in your classes, students glaze them and then you take them home to fire?

  2. Heather,
    I do take the beads home to fire. The way they have to be loaded in the kiln takes a lot of kiln furniture and space. There is no other way to get beads glazed on all sides and fired. Plus firing is a 24 hour process.

  3. Yay! I can't wait to see my beads! To anyone thinking of taking this class: DO! Jennifer is a fabulous, fun instructor, and working with clay is so addicting! Thanks, Jen, for a fun time! -Dori

  4. Thanks Dori,
    Your beads turned out wonderful. Did you see you flower on the top right hand corner? It's great. I hope you're doing okay in Iowa. I have been watching all those terrible pictures. I hope the Dreaming Bear is still all right.
    Talk to you soon,

  5. Jennifer,
    Thanks so much for firing these for us! The class was FABULOUS and I am VERY excited to start experimenting with more ceramic beads. I've made my "to purchase" list. Now, I just need to find a local kiln (or put one on my "to purchase" list - eek!).
    Hope all is well at your house!


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