Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bead and Button Finds

So you can't go to Bead and Button without doing a little shopping, right? I wanted to show you what I bought. I got some really great stuff. These are beads and findings you will see later down the road in projects. Above are some great findings I got at Fusion Beads. They have a lot of really unique beads.

These lovely links were made especially for me by Kristi Evenson at Coliebug Beads. She has a lot of really great components like pendants and toggles in metal that she hand stamps and solders. Stay tuned because I have a project in the October Simply Beads with one of her pieces.
How fun are these? Cathy at Glass Garden Beads is making these fabulous pop can beads. I love them. They need to be with Jangles beads in a piece.
Here is some Hill Tribe Silver and felt balls that I bought from The Bead Goes On. I really like there selection of beads. I think I buy beads from them every year at the show.

Chain, I had to have chain. It is so popular in jewelry design right now. I really like these because it is silver plated brass. First of all, it's not as expensive as silver but it just has a nice old look to it. Adornments always has a wide selection of unique chains.

Now I just need to find some time to play with my new beads.


  1. Hey sis! My 1st comment on your blog! Were bored at work, and Jana wants to know if you have any anklets? Im sure you do! And I love the bottle cap beads! Shocker rite? See you in a couple of weeks! Love, Capt. Red Beard!

  2. I love peeking in other people's B&B shopping bags! These are beautiful.

  3. Hi, Jennifer,

    That's some cool stuff, and I like the visual presentation...good blogging style! Come over to our Rings & Things booth next time you're at Bead & Button (Milwaukee) and say hi. We'll have road-show-only beads...

    Take care,

    at Rings and Things

  4. Dave,
    I love Rings & Things! I actually order quite a bit from you guys. I have been to your traveling trunk shows too. It's hard to get out of booth at Bead and Button. I will do my best next year. Will you be at The Puget Sound Bead Festival next month?


  5. Great chain! I'm glad to read this review of it, because I just placed a rather large first order with AD Adornments! :) Now I'm REALLY looking forward to getting it in the mail!


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