Monday, May 26, 2008

A New Camera and Some Book Reviews

I bought myself a new camera....Yahoo! I have a really great camera already but it's big. I don't take it with me unless I know I am going to need it. So ever since I started blogging, I found myself saying, oh if I only had my camera. Here's an example.

I was on my way home with Indian food the other night and I live pretty close to the horse stables at University of Georgia. Well, one had escaped, he was trotting up and down the street between the cars having a great time. There were two UGA police officers trying to corral the guy, but he was winning. He came by my car several times, so close I could reach out and touch him. I was watching all of the other drivers who were sitting in their cars very still trying not to scare or hit a horse. Everyone was laughing and talking on their cell phones. I am gong to assume they were calling someone to tell them why they would be late. I was doing the same thing, "honey our dinner is going to be cold, you'll never believe why...."

I really could of used a camera there.

Then Saturday I went to an art fair. For some reason we have a big group of local artists in the area who drive art cars. They are super cool, decorated with what they make, or bottle caps, or plastic fruit. They were all lined up screaming to be photographed, but once again, no camera for me.

That was the final straw, I went out and bought a tiny camera that will from now on be in my bag and ready to capture whatever craziness I see.

To change the subject, I got a couple of really great five star reviews on my book. You can see them at Amazon. Click Here. I was so happy! The only bad review I have gotten so far is from my brother who is giving me a hard time for not putting him into the acknowledgements. Sorry Chris, he did say the rest of the book was great.

Okay back to work for me.
Have a great day,

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