Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kit Packaging

As promised here is my kit packaging. I am so happy with how they turned out. These boxes have a clear top and are black on the sides. Then I had a whole bunch of Jangles ribbon left from another jewelry project so I combined that with some bright colored ribbon and voila, I have my kits. They are so fun all out on a table together. I can't wait to see them in my display at Bead and Button.

I am of to unload a kiln load of beads right now. This is my favorite part of my job....

Talk to you soon,


  1. Jennifer,
    I'm so impressed with your website and blog! It's just as light and fresh and lovely to look at as your jewelry is! Keep up the fabulous work!
    Suzanne Tourtillott, Lark Books

  2. Whoops! Forgot to mention that the kits look super--I want one! --Suzanne

  3. Jennifer,
    The kits are great! I am so excited - I got your book today - I pre-ordered it and it was waiting on my porch when I got home from work. It was ALL I could do to cook supper for my family before sitting down and reading the ENTIRE book - yes, cover to cover this evening. I am so excited to get started, I can hardly stand it. I have so much to learn and live in a small town, so there is not much support around me. I so wish I could come to the Bead and Button show to see you! For anyone who has not purchased this book - ORDER IT TODAY! Jennifer, you are amazing!

  4. Those kits are amazing! Sooooo cute!!!! Good job!!!
    Will your book be available for sale at Bead & Button? I've been trying to hold out until then. Ha!

  5. Dori,
    Yes, my I will have my book at the Bead and Button show. I actually had to order more today because I ran out from my first order. Yipee, that's a good problem to have.
    See you at the show!

  6. Robin,
    Thank you, thank you for your nice words. Please read today's post to see more.....


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