Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Back....

Hey Everyone! I am back. Whew, what a trip. I am always exhausted when I return and this year is no different. After five days of standing on a hard cement floor and writing orders and talking to galleries I am beat. After my adventure of getting to Philadelphia in an ice storm, I was curious to see how the show would go. The weather cleared up nicely and there was a huge crowd. I did really well and now have lots of orders to fill.

I promised some of my new work. Here is a picture of my new little flower vases. I know it's not jewelry. I have really wanted to make a gift item for awhile that wasn't jewelry. I still had my full line of jewelry and then I added these too. They were a big hit. I make them with and without the words and they stand about 4 inches.

I am now back in my studio making beads and flowers to fill all my orders. I just put a few flowers up on my Etsy store today. Now it's back to making beads!

Have a good day,


  1. Love your flowers! Too adorable!! Welcome back home! (not that it will be restful, right?!)

  2. Thanks for the comments, guys. Dori, you're right now I am swamped. Its funny how one week I am totally calm and just chugging along with things. Then I go to the Buyers Market and come home with lots of orders. It never fails I start getting more orders online too. I am now oficially in panic mode. I can't complain though I wouldn't want it any other way.:)

  3. These are so adorable! I love them.


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