Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bathroom Redo

Hey, Hey,

Remember waaaay back when, March 22nd to be exact. I started my bathroom redo. We painted it red. It's a really pretty red but it's a pretty small bathroom. It turns out there is a bit of a red glow to the place. We were puzzled with what to do. Did we re paint? Add a second color? How do we conquer the glow? Well after a few months of living with it, we all decided we liked it.

I went ahead with the decorating. I made a shower curtain with my Happy fabric and some "do-dads" to hang from the hooks. (Pardon my fuzzy pictures, these were the best I could get.)

I embellished some hand towels with my ribbon.

That mirror was ten bucks at the habitat store. It took some cleaning up and a little paint and I love it. It makes the whole room. The cabinets are eventually going to have ceramic knobs, I just haven't gotten to that yet. Maybe next week.

Have a great day,


  1. I love the bathroom all of the other bright colors helps tone down the red walls.

  2. I totally love your work! That's it. I just love your colors and sprightliness and sense of play and fun. All of it. That bathroom is totally amazing and fun, too. Been coming here a long time and this comment is long overdue!

  3. Your bathroom looks great, Jennifer!

  4. So beautiful!!! I love it!!! Our kitchen is red....and we are crazy about it. Good choice!

  5. Sally, thanks for commenting, it's always good to hear folks are reading and enjoying the blog.

  6. It's just incredible. What a happy place to be in when morning comes. I could sit in there and have a cup of coffee...really! It would just make my morning and give me a smile.


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