Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quilts and More

Hey, Hey,

It's my first project ever in Quilts and More. I am super excited! You know why? This might show my nerd-i-ness here.....When you go through the checkout at the grocery store, this magazine is on the rack at the checkout. I have never been in a magazine that is so close to the register. I am in the book stores with all the crafty magazines, which don't get me wrong here, its a great place to be. But every time I go to the Krogers, I am reminded that I have a project in the magazine. This makes me happy because usually I don't like grocery shopping.

But anywho it's a pin cushion project and I have kits! Quilts and More shows one version of the pin cushion but I have three colorways in my store right now. I cut up every last scrap of purple flowered fabric I had to get as many kits as I could, but I have to admit that is my favorite fabric from Happy so I had used a lot for myself.

Several people have asked me about felt balls too. I have them as well in the shop under kits. I couldn't decide where to put them in the any better suggestions?

I will give you a tour.... Here's the purple version

The Blue Version... this fabric is my new line Polka Dot Garden

And the most popular fabric of my Happy line was the red flowers...

So I am working on a free project for you, a newsletter, new beads, oh my. Stay tuned...


  1. Crush! Those are so dang cute! I love them and I don't even sew! (Does duct taping a hem count? or using those little peel and stick snap things to fix my daughter's pant legs on her jazz pants?) I recall that I had the exact same feeling when I was at my local grocery store and there on the shelf was a copy of Bead Star 2010. I may have squealed out, and then proceeded to accost a woman walking down the aisle to show her my page (it turns out that I actually knew her so it wasn't as creepy as it sounds!). Bravo on making it to the check out line! Don't you just want to pick it up and point that page out to the checkout girl?
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Erin,
    I think using duct tape for a hem would be considered mixed media. :)
    I say do whatever works!

    Have a great day,

  3. Alle your creations are wonderful, beautiful, cute, super....
    Sandra from Italu


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