Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beads and Quilts

Hi y'all, I didn't really have much to say in my post today. That rarely happens, but I miss you and wanted to blog. So..... lots of making and glazing going on today. I have a nice pile of orders that are taking top priority today. I also have this big list of new beads I want to make.

Let's see what is happening here...

I spent the weekend at my local quilt show, it was a lot of fun seeing friends and meeting new people. I also got the chance to tell a lot of people about the gallery. It was fun to hear how excited people were. Oh, and I have a picture...

I also added some fun little bead sets to the Etsy shop last night. I like these little sets of threes a lot. Maybe a pendant and earrings or a swing necklace?

I feel lots of jewelry making coming on...I think the spring weather is inspiring me..I am exploding with ideas.

Talk to ya soon!


  1. Hi Jennifer, those beads are very cute,i see spring around the corner with those colors.ttfn:)

  2. Very nice beads :) I am glad to see you are so busy! Nice to know some of my favorite artists are doing well!

  3. Beads and quilts....what more does a girl need anyway!!???


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