Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scrappy Stripes

This has been my weekend project for the past few...

I have finished the top of my flower quilt that I have been working on forever. (Sorry, I don't want to show it until it''s quilted.) I am also working on my mystery quilt but that's just a small bit of sewing every month so I wanted another project but with my schedule lately it couldn't be anything too involved. So I started at one end of my fabric stash and started cutting strips and sewing them together. I didn't cut everything at once because I was afraid that the squares would look too much the same if I did. I would sew a whole bunch of strips together cut out as many squares as I could get and then start again. I really like what I have so far. Plus, I don't have to measure and if my 1/4" seam allowances aren't exact, it doesn't matter! I see more quilts like this in my future.

Have a good one,


  1. Jen, this is gorgeous!!! I love the scrappy stripey look! It's gonna be adorable!!!

  2. Hey Jennifer. You are WELL on your way to being besotted with the quilting bug!!!!!

    It's a great piece!!

  3. Gorgeous! I am not a traditional quilt sort of person, but this is one that I could get behind! What about making this into a purse? That would be cool!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Very fun!! I wish I could sew, I have always wanted to make a quilt.
    I love all your many talents :)


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