Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring A Ding Ding

I hate to do this to those of you who live up north but.. oh my gosh we had a beautiful weekend! It was warm and sunny and we spent the whole two days outside. Look at one of my trees above...those are buds. After doing the usual spring yard clean up the boys and I got to crafting.

I got out my paints because we had a end table that was bare wood! Can you believe it? In my house...well it wasn't bare for long. I painted it up in some bright colors and then varnished it. It's a bit smelly still, but it's coming in soon.

Well I can't show you what I did next. Birkley and a friend wanted to make clay things so we got out the clay on the back porch. I had a 20 pound bag and I think he used 15 of those pounds making animals, dishes, etc. I was so inspired by the spring weather and birds chirping I made some springy beads too. I really like how they turned out, so now the pressure is on to glaze them just as cute. The wrong glaze can really screw a cute bead up. :) I will have them glazed in the next few days and then I will be able to show you pictures, until then, I leave you a picture of Otis. He is wearing a bee costume that Birkley wore when he was two. He is happy spring is coming too, he's just not showing it in the picture.

Thanks for all of your great guesses about my new adventure. I will give you the scoop tomorrow.

Have a great day,


  1. More snow and -20 C in Finland, but sooner or later it will be spring here too! I'm really looking forward to spring!

  2. I can't help it...the title of your post reminds me of the Geico commercial with the REALLY bad ringtone - ring-a-ding-dingy-yo...or something like that...I always chuckle at that one because it's just SUCH a bad ringtone :o)

  3. Hehe, yes, as a northerner I'm jealous. But it's also good to know that life is indeed resurging somewhere;) The table looks lovely!

  4. Summer,
    I was a northerner for most of my life so I get it.

  5. Love the bee-dog! I'm sure he loved the attention. Did he give you the look...."Mom, what would the guys say if they saw me?!? Take it off right now!" LOL
    Sounds like you had a fab weekend. I. Am. Totally. Jealous. More snow showers today in Wisconsin!
    Bead Happy!


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