Monday, February 2, 2009

Wow! It's Monday again?

Gosh I feel like it was just Monday last week. Time has just flown by. I had a sick little guy last week , so I didn't get a whole lot done. My show is next week! I have most of my line all ready to go, I just need all those little last minute things, oh and a catalog. I did a Studio Saturday post a few weeks ago about coming up with a line of jewelry. You can see it here at the Art Bead Scene, if you interested.

If you still need to listen to this. If you were one of my blog readers last year, you would remember that I had a great clearance sale in January. Well, I know it's officially February now but it's still going to be the same clearance sale. I did some cleaning, and I am going to discontinue some things on my site. Also, you will find some one of a kind beads. I am constantly trying out new designs and bead sets. When I just don't get around to finishing the project, it goes in my clearance box. I need room for my new spring things I am working on. Plus I just need a good shop cleaning at Etsy. The survey shows that you want more things on Etsy and I plan to get to it after the sale.

So the sale details are this... starting this Wednesday at noon EST my items will be added to the Etsy shop. Prices are marked...super cheap....I might add. Make sure you go through them all because just for fun I have added some crazy deals, but they are hidden throughout. The sale will run until the evening of February 8th.

I am around if you have questions about the sale....

Happy Monday, Jennifer

I am also going to leave you with some Bead Surfin links for the week. Jewelry Making
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The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton
Amidst the preparations for the Tucson shows, Andrew whipped a cute Baby Bird Necklace with a new Green Girl Studios fine pewter piece.

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